After falling rather gracelessly from the sky to land in a disorganised heap on what is unmistakeably a pretty crowded beach, I get up and brush the sand off my torso. I look around. Everyone has their hands on their hips, heads darting around, faces confused. Them and me, both!

I don’t remember this place; the sea, the cliffs, that shipwreck lodged upon a rock in the distance. I remember being somewhere like it once before. Yes – the world is the same, no doubt… but if this is the start again, then it is very different indeed. I stumble along like a happy toddler, and zig-zag my way from cliff to beneath the sea. I walk on the seabed, as if it were something that everyone did, and I recall that here, everyone does. Drying off and running like a chicken with broken legs, I make my way towards a fallen bridge, with Cosmic in tow. He’s as noob again as I am, the ol’ man of mine. Wingless, we fly over the bridge like it’s nothing. We embrace our freedom in this digital world again, and do the mandatory dork-out of putting on every available attachment we can find in our inventories, hoping that in the real world, someone is laughing.

Inka Heartsdale and Cosmic Burger NOOBZ

And like magic, the fun begins.


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