Did Someone Say Free Gachas?


Oh my daisies. We all know that everybody and their brother loves gacha machines. Right?! And everybody and their sister loves lucky chairs. Totally. So combine the two and…

Yah. We’re excited.

Retarded Cheap Gacha is a medium sized private yard sale that I stumbled across the other day. I initially went there for the usual – to buy gacha prizes – but imagine my surprise when I spotted two lovely lucky chairs beckoning me in their direction!

Retarded Cheap Gacha's GACHA lucky chairs
Retarded Cheap Gacha’s GACHA lucky chairs

If you are not already wanting to go there LIKE RIGHT NOW, you’ll be even more excited when I tell you that the letters rotate every 1-2 minutes.

Countrykim, the owner of the yard sale is not only a really nice and funny person from the few times I’ve met her since finding the place, but she refills these babies with 100 items a day. She is so generous to us!

I mean, look at some of my wins!:

A panda who loves cheese is a panda after my own heart
A panda who loves cheese is a panda after my own heart.
I got some in my eye. Ow.
I got some in my eye. Ow.

Retarded Cheap Gacha sells every gacha item you could dream of and it looks like the stock is rotated daily. They have an under 50L$ area, an Apple Fall area, and a rares area.

Retarded Cheap Gacha
Retarded Cheap Gacha

You want the landmark I hear you say? Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot. Here you go! Go get ’em tigers!: Retarded Cheap Gacha


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